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Jessie's Journal
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Friday, June 7th, 2002
10:00 am
I'm back
Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
7:44 pm
Im real sorry that I haven't updated this diary much. I've been so busy lately.
Yay i got my restrcited!!! It was easy az!
Our exams start this thursday SHIT! I really don't like studying...itz soooooo boring and hard to get focused and stuff. Im spose to be studying now but i got a lil side trackded (how the hell do you spell dat)
Oh mi god my fucken dentist told me to consider getting braces. I really don't want them, Im happy with my teeth sorta..kinda...grrrrrrr i just dont want painful, ugly, sore, metal mouth braces.
Ill be back later
Thursday, August 9th, 2001
6:19 pm
Melanie's Nana dies last night

This is me. It's sooooo right too hehe! My dad took me for a drive today. My restricted is on the 20th of this month yayayayayayay! I can't wait. I ran a stop sign today though but it was a quiet street and no was comming for ages. Oh well ahy. I'm gona go got sum pictures to find for my files.
Tuesday, July 24th, 2001
9:13 pm
Wow I haven't updated in a while have I. I've been sooo busy. On the weekend I didn't get up to that much though. On Friday night went out with Mallory and Kerrie and we went to see Evolution (the funniest movie ever), then we went bowling, and played pool, and air hockey and I these sexy guys down there. Then on Staurday I woke up late, went ot work, on Sunday I went motorbiking and drove up to the forest in my car and back home. Monday, school - boring
Tuesday (today school -boring then had work at 6 til 8.30 and thats everything updated. I have these feeling I have written some of that before. I'm all bouncy feeling at the moment, I have so much energy and I don't where it came from - fish for dinner maybe??? Nah you can't energy like this from fish, I don't even like fish that much really. Huh. I talked to Richard on Msn the on Sunday night. He wants to do something with me sumtime. I dunno thoug, he's changed so much since intermediate. And anyway when he has a girlfriend he pretty much doens't want to know me, but when he's single he's like lets go out go sumtime, do sumthin with me, come round to my house. All this comming from a guy I havn't seen since intermediate, that would be 2 and half years!!! Maybe he's so desperate that he wants to do stuff with me, if that's the case then I'm offended I think?? I don't know what I am, I'm just ...... I copied Natalia's CD's today, Gorillaz, D12 and Linkin Park. They're all quite good from what I've heard of each so far. The only reason I copied D12 was for that song - I've been so many places, I've seen so many faces....lalalala purple too sumthing like that haheha. My back is sore from standing for 2 and half hours. Foodtown should not be so cheap and give their staff chairs to sit on, they do at Pack n Save but Foodtown obviously can't afford chairs, or higher wages! Pah! Maybe I should just work at Pack n Save, but then I'd spend the extra dollar I'd earn and my chair money on gas getting over there, its quite a way away from me, ha a way away that's funny. I've been typing hard out on this and my mum just gave me this weird look coz I'm typing so fast and the keys are making key noises which I spose would be kinda annoying for everyone in the lounge who are watching tv rihgt at this very moment. But I like the typing noise anyway I'm gona go maybe do sum homework Buh Bye!

Current Mood: bouncy
Saturday, July 21st, 2001
12:09 pm
Friday Night
Last night I went out with Mallory and Kerrie. We went to see Evolution and it was sooooooooo funny. I couldn't stop laughing when the black guy goes up the butt...funny stuff. Then we went over to tenpin bowling and had one game which took like 5 minutes coz only Mallory and I played. Kerrie was wearing a long skirt and didn't want to. But we were sitting next to these sexy as guys! Then we played airhockey and then pool and Mallory and Kerrie were such cheaters, they would move the balls round and shit, oh well hahaha it was fun still. Then more sexy guys came in and were playing airhockey so we waited for the table and alternated turns, they were real nice. Chris was the sexiest and this girl Nicole got his cell phone number after the evening. Adam Slater this guy that was there, I thought was real nice and very sexy but Mallory said he was a dick so I didn't tell her that I liked him. It was fun though and I got home bout 12 that night. I slept in to 12 today and now I have to go to work in like 1 hour 15 mins. I'm still in my pj's and don't really feel like going to work but I will. The Ezibuy catalouge came today and there are sooooooooooooooo many things I'm going to have to uy in there. I put in my room so I won't forget. Well I have to go and have a shower.

Current Mood: happy
Thursday, July 19th, 2001
4:39 pm
I Love the rain
I love it when rains...its the best on Friday coz you don't have to worry if your uniform or shoes or bag gets wet. But rain sux on Mondays coz then you have to keep wearing it all week and it's just not right. I came home today and mum had the fire going and everything. I mean I smelt like wet dog but who cares when your house is warm. Jason is really mean to Melanie. He thinks she's just this dumb, idiot with nothing of importance to say and that kinda pisses me off. But on the other hand the evil me is thinking 'finally a guy who doesn't like her' is that horrible to think that??
Oh well.Yay no maths tomorow! I'm understanding maths at the moment so I don't mind it as much.
No rowing tomorow either. Today we took our rowing machine to the training shed. We're going to lend it to the society for 3 months for $300 and at the end of 3 months we'll decide if we'll sell it to them permently or if we take it back home for me to use again.
Well I'll write later...off to search the web

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, July 18th, 2001
3:57 pm
School - what else
Kim caught the bus today after school...that's the first time I've ever see her on the bus since the start of term. I needa get a year wall plan for the rest of school. I'm no good at studying and organising myself but with this I can visually see when exams are and how long I have to study. I'm eating a juice pop so this lil entry has taken me nearly 10 minutes to write with one hand grrr
ill write later

Current Mood: artistic
Tuesday, July 17th, 2001
4:06 pm
Funniest website ever:
Go here to laugh and learn how to swear in other languages hehe...I'm real board if you hadn't noticed :)

Current Mood: amused
3:51 pm
Poor Kerrie
Whoah my friend got hit by a bus today after school! We were standing on the platform thing and Kerrie had her back to the road so her bag was sticking out and then the 27 pulled out and its last corner wacked her bag and she fell backwards on to the road, she wasn't hurt or anything just the bus knicked her bag as it went past...it was kinda scary.
We were talking about what we'd do and wouldn't do with our restricted license after school too. I would never take more than 1 person with me as a passenger (considering we aren't allowed any!) coz otherwise it'd be too obvious to cops and any way I can't afford to pay $400 just like that! I reckon it sux so bad how they expect us to drive along for a whole year!!!! That's too long I reckon.
My Geo class is funny hehe! Esther is such a laugh. I hate going to an all girls school :( I want boys boys boys! I miss them, especially comming from intermediate where I had heaps of guy friends and now not many...it sux ass!
Ok I'll write later maybe

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, July 16th, 2001
8:11 pm
First Day of school
Ok I just this email from this freaky guy with all his nude pics of him and he looks waaaaaaaay older than me and itz just yukky! I've taken my email of my profile now...errrggggg
I'm in agony right now all coz of my cute but violent, vicious bitch of a cat. She has the most gorgeous face but the sharpest fuckin claws ever! She lashed at my foot before so I can hardly walk now coz it stings so bad when ever my foot moves the tinest bit.
Simon was back at work today....he's dam fine :) He's 6th form at Rosmini and he's really nice. He went away up North for the holidayz. Me and Kerrie thought he'd quit coz he was always talking about it. Melanie starts her new job today...thinking about it. She gets $8 an hour without tax cleaning offices for 1 hour tonight and two or 3 on thursday I think.
I took my geo assignment to school today ready to hand it in but left it in my locker but it was ok coz itz not due to next Monday. School is so stressfull at the moment...exams last week of term, school c next term...it all goes by so quickly!!!!
The saddest thing happened to Natalia's kitten, Fred, in the holidayz. It was hit by a car they think. Natalia was walking hom from work and thought she saw Fred and she started crying and was hoping like hell it was a possum. But he was still warm and she cuddled him for an hour after they brought him home. It was so sad coz she loved that kitten so so so much and she's an animal freak and everything and she lost her last cat at an early age too. They've decided itz too dangerous to get another kitten too coz off where they live :( She's gona bring her D12 and Gorillaz CD to school tomorow for me to copy. I like school better than holidayz sometimes...I'm real lazy in the holidayz and sleep till late and can't be bothered making plans but when school's on I make my plans at school so my weekends are way better. Everyone's still real sick at school but not me :) Helathy as a ....wots dat saying?? Anyway laterz

Current Mood: energetic
Sunday, July 15th, 2001
6:21 pm
Yummy yum yum! Fish n Chips for dinner. Mum was gona cook chicken but we got home later than we thought we would from motorbiking. It was so cool up at the forest today. It was a bit rainy though but it wasn't too bad. Anyway there was mud everywhere and I just have this thing about mud hehe I dunno :)???? Be right back...dinners on the table.

Oh mi god I'm so full! Ewww and mum didn't go to our normal fish shop so all the fritters were fatty and oily and not nice. Oh well I still ate them hehe. I miss MSN bad man. I've adopted my brothers Digimon now, he wanted it to die since he didn't want to hear it beep anymore so I said I'd look after it. Its 2 years old and weighs 90lb's I'm very proud :P
I love it at Otakanini, they have the best tracks there and sexy guys too ;)
Oh mi god! I just bite off my longest nail!!! I always do that...I let them grow and without realising it I bite them off argggggghhhhh!
Oh mi god I'm saying oh mi god too much!
I'll write later

Current Mood: full
Saturday, July 14th, 2001
10:05 pm
I just did another quiz thing...I'm really board
What does your score mean?
Your attitude to life is very relaxed and hedonistic. The hostile, aggressive and competitive part of you surfaces rarely, if ever. You are easy and fun to be around. The down side is that you seem to take everything so easy that you might miss on important opportunities. Make sure you are just being cool and relaxed-and that it's not getting to the point that you simply don't care much about anything. Try to put some structure into your life-get organized. Pay more attention to what you are doing and focus.

Current Mood: hungry
9:46 pm
This test thing
Question: Law Chaos Good Evil
1 3 4 1 2
2 4 1 2 3
3 5 5 7 3
4 2 3 4 1
5 2 4 3 1
6 4 3 2 1
7 5 5 7 3
8 2 4 3 1
9 3 1 2 4
10 2 1 3 4
Total 32 31 34 23

Raw Data
You have 1 points towards Lawful.
You have 11 points towards Good.
You are Neutral Good.

I spose that's good ayh?

Current Mood: awake
9:03 pm
Itchy foot
I have got the badess itchy bite ever on my foot! I can't stand it grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!
Anyway I went to work today at 1:30 and it was sooooooooooo busy, I've never seen it so busy before. I got in trouble caused I packed cleaner (that leaked throught the bag) with bread and meat. It wasn't my fault though, the lady asked me to put it in there...I even asked her if she was sure and she she saud yes yes only going home. So I got the blame oh well. I always pack the bags carefully I thought. He's a weird one, Bernie. He's got long curly hair, round glasses, acne scars, and usually really really nice but he has moods a lot...I duno.
I finally finished my geo assignment! YAY! It feels so good to get it out of the way...hahaha I laugh at everyone who'll be doing it tomorow stressing that they might not finish. Me I'll be motorniking at Greg's Funday. I hope Sandi's going cause I really want to swap our CD's back. Coz ages and ages ago me and Sandi swapped Cd's after she left her one im my discman and I left my one in her box. That was over 2 months now!!!! It's triple J and I miss it actually :(
I was thinking about that job my dad's gona get me hopefully, and 16 hours is a lot especially considering I go to school from 9 - 3.15, then I do 2 hours every day after school and end at 5.30, which at the end of school week is 10 hours then I still have to do 6 hours over the weekend. Holy shit where's my life gonna fit??? I'll figure it out won't I. Which is more important though? To have so much money but no time to spend it??? Especially since the rowing season starts soon with weekend regattas on Saturdays...oh shit I'm thinking too much. Rowing doesn't start till October-ish, ages away.
Owwww my lip hurts, its wind and cold burnt so its all dry :( I needa buy some balm stuff for them, I'll use vaseline for now.
The night I went to babysit for Daniel and Missy I copied Daniel's NOW 8 Cd and gave it back to him that night. Then Bridget rang up the next night and said it didn't work! But it can't of been my fault coz all the computer does is play the cd like a normal CD palyer ahy? Then it burns the blank CD so I don't know why it wouldn't play in his player. Coz they said it worked in their new CD player upstairs but not in Daniel's old lil one downstairs. It's all a bit bizarre if you ask me. Ok I've typed enough for now.

Current Mood: energetic
Friday, July 13th, 2001
10:13 pm
Ok time to have an outburst just quickly
Why does no-one comment in my damn diary!? I mean I'd like to think it's personal and only me knows about it...but now that I think about it, the only reason I have an online PUBLIC diary is so others can share my life with me no matter how boring or whateva it is!!! I bet have to start writing that I'm going to cut myself just to get comments!!! How rude is that.

Ok I'm sorry for that outburst - don't know where it came from honest but I always look everyday to see if there's any comments and still none :(
It makes me sad more than anything.

Current Mood: sad
10:11 pm
I'm gona be rich!

Current Mood: silly
9:36 pm
This girl walks into a supermarket and buys the following:
1 bar of soap
1 toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste
1 loaf of bread
1 pint of milk
1 apple
1 banana
1 orange
1 plum
1 peach
1 grapefruit
1 tomato
1 lettuce
1 cabbage
1 baking potato
1 kraft single
1 samoosa
1 vegetable pakora
1 muesli bar
1 pie
1 single serving of cereal
1 single frozen dinner
1 single frozen pizza
The checkout guy looks at her, smiles, and says,
"Single, huh?"
The girl smiles sheepishly and replies,
'How'd you guess?'
He says,
'Because you're ugly.'

Current Mood: ditzy
8:29 pm
Personality Disorder
I just did this test:
Disorder | Rating
Paranoid: Low
Schizoid: Low
Schizotypal: Moderate
Antisocial: Low
Borderline: Low
Histrionic: Moderate
Narcissistic: Moderate
Avoidant: Moderate
Dependent: Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive: Low

URL of the test: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv
URL for more info: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/disorder_information2.html

I don't know what some of those mean...I'll have to look up the details now won't I

Current Mood: amused
7:56 pm
Oh mi god I just realised that itz Friday the 13th! I don't think anything bad has happened to me yet, only good stuff. My dad said he can get me a job at Clear doing temp work and get paid $20 an hour!!! And I have to work 16 hours a week that would give me $320 a week! Can you believe it??? That's a huge amount of money for a 15 year old! I can't believe it. It was take me only 6 weeks to pay for my trip to Twizel!!! Mum and Dad want me to put some money towards my rowing fees this year especially since I've started working. I'm so quitting foodtown now. I feel kinda bad though coz I've only been working a few weeks there, dad said I shouldn't lie about why I'm leaving. Maybe then if I tell them the truth, when the temp work finishes I can go back there. But the hours are so flexible, coz I can work whenever I want as long as the work is done. And since Dad works there too I can do some from home coz he already has the connection and stuff. I don't really understand all the technical stuff yet but they train you and all. Oh yay I'm so excited.
I wrote my speech this morning. I copyied most of it out of the newest girlfriend magazine hehe. It's quite good...its about insults like, loser, slut, bitch, pig blah blah blah and what they mean and why you should reconsider saying them to people. The quickest speech I've ever written...can't believe I had never thought of it before. Melanie was being horrible today on MSN. I'm over it. I drove round to her house today to drop off some brochures about transport. Speaking off Geo...all I've got left to do is write an essay and draw a graph which will take me 2 hours max. I'll do it tomorow before I go to work.
Oh mi god I'm so excited about this new job!!!! Absolutely shocked at how much money it is. I could have the coolest clothes ever, improve my CD collection heaps, and still be able to put half in a saving account!! Can't describe how excited I am. I'll see if I can find the right mood for this journal entry. Friday 13th my ass!

Current Mood: ecstatic
12:01 pm
My Brother is a dick!
My brother is always being a pian in the ass! I seriously can't stand him sometimes, his dumbness and his how he treats my cat. He's alway picking her up weird and annoying her and then she bites him and he yells and screams...he's such an attention seeker. I have to write a speech today. I think I might cheat a bit and borrow some of the lines from the new girlfriend magazine. Its about swear words and they're real meaning and thinking of peoples feeling and stuff like that blah blah blah. I hate writing speeches coz you try to be funny and no one laughs and they laugh at the things they weren't meant to be funny. Corwds and audiences are so unreliable!
I babysat from Bridget last night, Daniel and Missy are good friends of our family so it was easy. I got $20 and I stayed over but we watched Austin Powers 2 on Sky and then we all went to bed. Melanie worries me sometimes how she doesn't do any school work until the last minute. She hasn't even started her Geo ass. and it's worth a lot of marks towards internal assesment. Oh well its up to her I'm not going to try and intefer again...last time I gave her advice about exams and she blew up at me so I've learnt from that sorta. Yer well I have to go and get to my speech do some looking up on the net see if I can steal some more stuff hehe.

Current Mood: bitchy
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